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Leadership That Lasts
Finding Your Voice as a Principled Leader

This engaging workshop is designed to support and guide aspiring leaders in school, on the field, and in the community. Through case studies and activities, participants will assess a variety of scenarios to help identify their style, strengths, and weaknesses, and use them to discover a personalized framework to be a moral leader.

Q: Who is this for?

A: Anyone!

Q: Is this a waste of my time?

A: No! This will impact how you lead and act every day.

Q: How do you know this actually lasts?

A: We asked. 

and one year after a workshop

One year on from our Leadership that Lasts experience and the workshop has lived up to its title; we have experienced lasting impact. The tools we gained from GoodMenders have helped us, individually and collectively, stay focused on what is important to our corporate culture. Our team continues to measure success against our 5 values pillars and establish healthy norms. It’s easier for us to recognize positive team member contributions because we have a common vision and language. Any organization that is committed to building high functioning teams will benefit from these sessions. -Fulcrum Consulting Group


The goal of this workshop is to develop a working framework to be a positive leader of moral character, no matter the arena. Activities, examples, and scenarios allow participants to walk away with an updated leadership toolbox to help guide them in the future.

Focus Areas

Character and Identity – Pressures and Stereotypes – Conflict Resolution – Define Your Leadership Framework 

Participants Say

“Leadership that Lasts helped me improve as a leader and a person. I am more comfortable and confident being myself now that I have my own ‘leadership framework.’ I'd recommend this course to anyone

who wants to be a better leader and make a positive difference.” – Herbert, Student Participant

"I am leaving this workshop with a clear plan to be a moral leader. More importantly, I learned how to break down harmful stereotypes, be a better listener, and help resolve conflict." – Andrew, Student Participant

"I am excited to apply my leadership framework as a student and an athlete. This workshop will have a lasting impact, so it was definitely time well spent." -Tucker, Student Participant

"This was the most practical and helpful leadership workshop I have attended. I am motivated to be a better leader tomorrow." -Brian, Student Participant

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