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This is your journal, but it’s also your commitment to deliberate living. This is not another fad. It is a handful of practices that we already know lead to a more fulfilling, effective, and joyful life—except now, with an accessible daily framework, they rest in your hands. The first obstacle to hurdle is I don’t have time for this. You do. You’re just filling it with something else at the moment. Maybe work, maybe TV, maybe your phone, or even your family. It may all be things you feel you really need to do, but if you want to do all those things really well, you need to feel really good. So, do you have the courage, the love, and the humility to challenge yourself each day, to bring your best for others, to go on a mender? If you’ve gotten this far, I dare say, you do.


A 3-month daily journal. See a free sample here


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One, Two, Be Journal

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