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Youth and Adult Workshops

What makes this different?

All workshops are designed to help participants break the box of harmful stereotypes, cut the schlock that holds us back, and highlight the characteristics and values that unlock our goodness and greatness. Submit an inquiry and organize a plan that works for you. And remember, your participation contributes to the mission of building better culture for educational equity. In more ways than one, the aim is to have a meaningful and lasting impact, rather than a one-off experience. The more students, athletes, adults, and organizations practicing moral masculinity, leadership, and culture, the better.


Possible Workshops and Services​ 

  • School meetings: middle school, high school, university

  • Small group seminars

  • Student leader training

  • Athletic team workshops

  • Staff training (and new staff onboarding)

    • for camps, schools, corporate, and other organization​s

  • Parent workshops 

  • Curriculum building

  • Online workshops

  • Not sure if we do it? Just ask!

*While moral masculinity is a starting place, we believe the BCB philosophy applies to being our best selves in a broader sense (and we are talking about everyone, not just men). Let us know if there are other topics you would like to discuss and other boxes you want to break. Whether it is moral leadership, organizational change, social justice, culture building, or listening and helping skills, we believe that you can be a beauty. 

it's good

"Building better culture for educational equity." That is the goal. This is about disrupting systems of oppression and working together to free our society of the poisons that harm us all. When you join the GoodMenders team, you are not checking a box for social capital at your institution – you know how we feel about boxes – you are taking action for social justice. Net profits support underfunded schools and students and help make this message accessible to all. And the message is a mission for a healthy culture, one that is equitable, and one that empowers and supports all people, regardless of how they identify. There's no limit to the good we can do together. 

it lasts

Too often, motivational speakers, as well-intentioned as they may be, as great as their material is, come in for a day and leave us empty handed, wondering what we should do next, or forgetting what we "learned"once we get back to the task of living. This message is sticky, and it is built to empower, to ready hands for good work. It isn't about telling you what you already know about toxic masculinity. It's learning how we can change it. To do that, it's important to know about effective and evidence-based teaching, which is why workshops incorporate the science of learning to have a lasting impact.

Programs to consider

        and see what people are saying

Break the Box - Cut the Schlock - Be a Beauty

Tired of toxic masculinity? Looking for practical solutions? Here's an actionable, memorable model for moral masculinity.

Know, Empower, Improve Your Culture

Drive organizational culture change. Learn how, or partner with us to gather data and guide you through the process.

Leadership that Lasts

Find your voice as an effective moral leader to unlock your full potential. Walk away with a framework to use every day.



"By far the most useful session I have ever been involved in @ TABS."


4.72 out of 5

Overall Presenter Rating @ TABS 2019

-Anonymous Education Professionals 

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