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The BCB Challenge

Little downside. Whole lotta' upside. 

Change the world with a simple mantra.

Thanks for taking the BCB challenge! The mission at GoodMenders is the constant achievement of the following intentions:

  1. Foster moral masculinity and realize and sustain its critical mass

  2. Develop principled leaders who serve in positive ways

  3. Build cultures of empowerment, belonging, and respect

  4. Use profits to support educational equity in line with our mission and intentions


Following the steps will only take you a few minutes, and then you will be on to your challenge of living the mantra:


Break the box.

Cut the schlock.

Be a beauty. 


Step 1

Step 2

Understand what BCB is all about:


Break the box: Break the man-made stereotypes (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.) that box you and others in.


Cut the schlock: Schlock is trash. Identify the schlock that you control: bad habits, behaviors, attitudes. Then, cut it out.


Be a beauty: Radiate positivity and be a model of morality and healthy living.


Read the article that started this mission, originally published in Camping Magazine.

Step 3 – The Challenge

Option 1: For the next 7 days, repeat the BCB mantra in your head. If you hear a sexist joke, break the box. When you're tempted to do the bad habit that you keep telling yourself you should stop, cut the schlock. You're not sure you want to exercise today – it looks kind of gross outside – maybe you should just... be a beauty. 


Option 2: Make 3 daily goals each night before you go to bed –– "dailies" –– one for each fundamental of BCB. By holding yourself accountable to daily goals, you'll take steps to break harmful stereotypes, to drop bad habits, and to lead with kindness, love, generosity, and courage each day. Do this for the next 7 days and see what you accomplish.


Example dailies:


Break the box: Read For the Love of Men by Liz Plank.


Cut the schlock: Don't complain about work to anyone.


Be a beauty: Do at least two acts of unbargaining service tomorrow.

Good News
Earn Swag

You can help us build a critical mass by sharing your achievements and tagging @goodmenders –– use the hashtags #bcb, #breakthebox, #cuttheschlock, #beabeauty, or #buildingbetterculture. I'd love to hear how the mantra worked for you and says thanks by sending some free swag. Just shoot me an email.


That's it. Let it rip and have fun!

Be a beauty,

Nick (

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