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Better Boys. Better Leaders. Better Teams.

Start Building Better Culture Today

Not a waste of time and money

"If your school is looking for an engaging speaker on the topic of masculinity, look no further." 

“Nick’s work with all of our students was a tremendous next step in our development of a mindful, inclusive, and equitable community."

"Any organization that is committed to building high functioning teams will benefit from these sessions."

“Specific, grounded in research, meaningful examples, tangible takeaways.”

"GoodMenders gave our team the forum to speak honestly on how we wanted to shape our culture moving forward."

"This was the most practical and helpful leadership workshop I have attended."

Possible Services​ and Audiences

  • School meetings: middle school, high school, university

  • Small group seminars

  • Student leader training

  • Athletic team workshops, captains

  • Staff training (and new staff onboarding)

    • for camps, schools, corporate, and other organization​s

  • Community surveys (with analysis and consulting)

  • Parent workshops 

  • Professional/life coaching

  • Online workshops

  • Not sure if we do it? Just ask!

Middle School

"What a terrific all school meeting. I definitely walked away with a better understanding of masculinity and how to be a man. I think this lesson is essential for all boys at our age."

-Michael, Middle School Participant

Programs to consider

        and see what people are saying


An actionable and exciting mindset for moral masculinity that doesn't cancel men (and a mantra to achieve your best self). 

Transform your culture. Learn how, or have us build your survey and provide a full report that inspires the change you want.

Find your voice as a principled leader to unlock your full potential. Walk away with a framework to use every day.

Teachers, coaches, anyone at all, learn skills and strategies that will improve your relationships and your ability to help others. 

What makes this different?

it's good

"Building better culture." That is the mission. When you join the GoodMenders team, you are not checking a box for social capital at your institution – you know how we feel about boxes – you are taking action. A minimum of 15% of our profits support the most effective charities and help make this message accessible to all. And the message is a mission for a healthy culture that empowers and supports all people. There's no limit to the good we can do together. 

it lasts

Too often, motivational speakers, as well-intentioned as they may be, as great as their material is, come in for a day and leave us wondering what we should do next or forgetting what we "learned" once we get back to the task of living. After all, not all speakers are teachers. These workshops are sticky, built to empower and to ready hands for good work. It isn't about telling you what you already know. It's learning how to make a positive difference day after day. That's why we incorporate the science of learning to have a lasting impact. 

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