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Our mission doesn't happen without you, and you are seconds away from building better culture. Here's what you can do in just a few clicks:

The Mission: Building better culture for educational equity


We measure success based on the constant achievement of the following intentions:

  1. Foster moral masculinity and realize and sustain its critical mass  

  2. Develop principled leaders who serve in positive ways 

  3. Build cultures of empowerment, belonging, and respect

  4. Use profits to support educational equity in line with our mission and intentions

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Do you have an exciting project in line with our mission that needs a push? GoodMenders is always looking for teachers, student-athletes, leaders, and change-makers who want to build better culture. Whether it be funding a school/community initiative, planning a March for Moral Masculinity, or getting gear to spread awareness, we want to help make it happen. 

Your Involvement supports Classrooms

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