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GoodMenders offers training, coaching, and keynotes for youth and adults to develop moral masculinity, principled leadership, and better culture. A minimum of 15% of profits support the most effective charities.

Meet Nick

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Nicholas Fair Nowak 

Founder & Owner

I am an experienced school/camp administrator, teacher, coach, writer, and speaker. I founded GoodMenders to break harmful stereotypes, foster moral leadership, and build better culture – no matter the arena. "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" (Nelson Mandela), and I am committed to supporting educational equity and making this work accessible to all.

Here are my credentials. Let's connect!

The Mission

Building better culture


The GoodMenders mission is not a holy grail. We measure success based on the constant achievement of the following intentions:

  1. Foster moral masculinity and realize and sustain its critical mass  

  2. Develop principled leaders who serve in positive ways 

  3. Build cultures of empowerment, belonging, and respect

  4. Use profits to support the most effective charities​​

What does BCB mean?


Many of us have heard of the man box or the boy code. To realize the toxic state of masculinity, we need an awareness of the box. However, if we only acknowledge the existence of the box, we do little to disrupt the negative effects of gender stereotypes and power structures on our society, while continually telling young boys that society makes them bad. As a result, we can unintentionally shame them, put them on the defensive, and make them less likely to learn a different way. So, why don't we break the box and move on already?

About GoodMenders

GoodMenders is committed to getting better. We believe that better boys, better leaders, and better teams will lead to a better world. How did this start? We have been talking about "toxic masculinity" for a while now, and thanks to the efforts of so many, we have revealed the (not-so) invisible code that boxes in boys and tells them how to be a man. I think we need to break that box, for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Also, I share a responsibility to do good, advocating for social justice and compassion. That's why a minimum of 15% of our profits support the most cost-effective, evidence-backed, high-impact charities. Developing moral masculinity is where this all began, but the BCB mantra can be a tool for people to break other stereotypes, all of those isms that box us in and limit our potential. Explore the site and workshop offerings to see what we are all about, including our focus on leadership development and community building. I hope you will join us in building better culture.




Check out our featured article in Camping Magazine to learn more about BCB

It's for good. See some of the causes we have supported.


“If your school is looking for an engaging speaker on the topic of masculinity, look no further. Following the presentation, the conversation continued among our students for the rest of the year, and our community was better for it."

Dave Irwin – Head of Upper School at Fenn

“Nick’s work with all of our students was a tremendous next step in our development of a mindful, inclusive, and equitable community. Feedback from students ranged from ‘thought-provoking’ to ‘much needed’. The real secret sauce of Nick’s presence was when he worked with smaller groups the day following his all-school presentation. Nick was able to connect with our male students on what they are truly thinking, feeling, and questioning in their day-to-day lives. Many of our students walked out wanting to try on new ways to be a beauty.”

Billy Thom – Director of Affective Education & Assistant Director of Counseling at Millbrook School

“As a group of young men in college, we used our fair share of harmful language and often shared some problematic attitudes. Nick offered his personal experience to empathize and connect. He did not tell us what to do, but guided the group out of our comfort zone together. We learned about each other and felt more comfortable being vulnerable—a huge first step.” 

Jack – College Senior

"What a terrific all school meeting. I definitely walked away with a better understanding of masculinity and how to be a man. I think this lesson is essential for all boys at our age." 

Michael – Middle School Student

"GoodMenders' Leadership that Lasts workshop series was a highlight of our new team member onboarding experience. Playing the role of thoughtful facilitator, Nick created space for our team to share, listen, and challenge our preconceptions. The tools and content that we received were practical and translated well to a business audience. Coming out of the workshops, we are aligned in our pursuit of an exceptional and lasting culture."


and 12 months after

"One year on from our Leadership that Lasts experience and the workshop has lived up to its title; we have experienced lasting impact. The tools we gained from GoodMenders have helped us, individually and collectively, stay focused on what is important to our corporate culture. Our team continues to measure success against our 5 values pillars and establish healthy norms. It’s easier for us to recognize positive team member contributions because we have a common vision and language. Any organization that is committed to building high functioning teams will benefit from these sessions."

Fulcrum Consulting Group

"By far the most useful session I have ever been involved in @ TABS."

“Great process for pulse checks and data to drive program.”

“I will be using the school climate survey immediately in my program.”

“Specific, grounded in research, meaningful examples, tangible takeaways.” 

Education Professionals at 2019 TABS Conference

"Nick's presentation reminded me that suspending my judgment is critical when empathizing. This session also reinforced the importance of body language. Overall, we left the meeting feeling energized. We have research-based strategies that increase our teacher/advocate fluency.” 

Al – Educator for 29 Years

"I enjoyed having Nick join our student life class. Our class talked about 'breaking the box' and how we can do better as boys by not being toxic and accepting things that may not be totally masculine. I think his visit to our class really helped us understand how we can improve and grow to be better men.” 

Ryan – Middle School Student

"I am leaving this workshop with a clear plan to be a moral leader. More importantly, I learned how to break down harmful stereotypes, be a better listener, and help resolve conflict.” 

Andrew – High School Student

"This was the most practical and helpful leadership workshop I have attended. I am motivated to be a better leader tomorrow.” 

Brian – High School Student

"GoodMenders gave our team the forum to speak honestly on how we wanted to shape our culture moving forward. It was thought provoking and I feel like I know my peers better than before.” 

Fulcrum Consulting Group

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