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Know, Empower, Improve Your Culture

When facing the ever-evolving arena of student and residential life, it can feel more like firefighting than programming. However, educators can improve their communities and schools strategically by exercising responsiveness in a collaborative process. This isn't another exhausting and expensive survey. Using a cycle of surveying, analyzing, discussing, sharing, and acting, you can empower your students and staff while creating a culture of honesty, ownership, and critical thinking.


Q: If I'm not working in a school but still want to know the pulse of my team and how I can empower people to improve our culture, could this work for me?

A: Yes!

Q: Will this be one of those workshops where I leave the room having no idea how to take future action?

A: No!


This workshop is geared toward educators and leaders who are invested in the general health of their community. Participants will leave with an understanding of how they can better know, empower, and improve culture in their schools and teams. You will learn how to build your own climate survey, motivate stakeholders, and make a tangible difference year after year.

Q: I don't have the bandwidth for this but want to do it with my organization. Can you help?

A: Yes! Submit an inquiry about partnering with GoodMenders. We can survey your community, analyze the data, give you a full report, and help you with the process of improving your culture.

Focus Areas

Community Responsiveness – Collaboration – Culture Change – Community Wellness

Participants Say

“By far the most useful session I have ever been involved in @ TABS.”

“Great process for pulse checks and data to drive program.”

“I will be using the school climate survey immediately in my program.”

“Specific, grounded in research, meaningful examples, tangible takeaways.”

– Anonymous presentation attendees at the 2019 TABS Conference

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