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Super Helpers

Are you a good listener? Are you sure? Many of us like to think we are, but many of us do more judging than listening and more telling than helping. This workshop is designed to go beyond the basic "active listening" tips, which often make people less effective in helping others. Whether you are working with students, players, campers, colleagues, friends, or family, learning these skills and strategies will improve your relationships and your ability to help others.


This workshop provides participants with listening and helping skills that they can use no matter the arena. Combining a variety of expert approaches, the workshop reviews essential tools and strategies, puts them into practice, and allows time for reflection and personal assessment.

Focus Areas

Listening Skills – Helping Skills – Healthy Relationships – Empowerment

Participants Say

Our recent professional development was a super mash up of advice and strategies geared to teachers, dorm parents, coaches and advisors. The focus was on helping and listening skills. Nick facilitated a colloquy based on research:

  • Nick immediately engaged more than 40 participants with a “Discriminating Skills Pre-Test.” Each of us reviewed our pre-test at the end of the session and it was clear we made progress and shifted our thinking; without the pre-test this shift would have been invisible. 

  • When it was time to share, Nick elicited feedback from a diverse group of faculty members, guiding from the side and for once it did not seem to be a meeting monopolized by a few extroverted faculty members. 

  • Nick’s presentation reminded me that suspending judgment is critical when empathizing. This session also reinforced the importance of body language.

  • Overall, we left the meeting feeling energized. We have research-based strategies that increase our teacher/advocate fluency.

Al –– Educator for 29 Years

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