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A three-part mantra to unlocking human potential, and the GoodMenders recipe to building better culture.

Break the Box     Cut the Schlock     Be a Beauty


Many of us have heard of the man box or the boy code. To realize the toxic state of masculinity, we need an awareness of the box. However, if we only acknowledge the existence of the box, we do little to disrupt the negative effects of gender stereotypes and power structures on our society, while continually telling young boys that society makes them bad. As a result, we can unintentionally shame them, put them on the defensive, and make them less likely to learn a different way. So, why don't we break the box and move on already?

Q: Is this another one of those workshops that I'll forget in a week once I get back to living my life?

A: No! It's designed so that it is actionable, memorable, and self-motivating.


Participants will acknowledge harmful stereotypes, identify areas for personal improvement, and realize their ability to have a positive impact each and every day. Communities will develop a shared language that empowers stakeholders to build better culture, and they will foster a strong sense of camaraderie.

Focus Areas

Moral Masculinity – Gender Equity – Harmful Stereotypes – Social Justice

Participants Say

"If your school is looking for an engaging speaker on the topic of masculinity, look no further. Following the presentation, the conversation continued among our students for the rest of the year, and our community was better for it." –– David Irwin, Head of Upper School at Fenn

“As a group of young men in college, we used our fair share of harmful language and often shared some problematic attitudes. Nick offered his personal experience to empathize and connect. He did not tell us what to do, but guided the group out of our comfort zone together. We learned about each other and felt more comfortable being vulnerable—a huge first step.” ––Jack, College Senior

"What a terrific all school meeting. I definitely walked away with a better understanding of masculinity and how to be a man. I think this lesson is essential for all boys at our age." –– Michael, Middle School Student Participant

"I enjoyed having Nick join our student life class. Our class talked about 'breaking the box' and how we can do better as boys by not being toxic and accepting things that may not be totally masculine. I think his visit to our class really helped us understand how we can improve and grow to be better men." –– Ryan, Middle School Student Participant

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