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Perfect Fires Everywhere


In 122 words, this is what kids have taught me about life and leadership.

  1. Hungry minds find food.

  2. It’s safest to stay inside on a rainy day, but all the fun is outdoors.

  3. The hush of uncertainty, a flippant child, laughter––perfect fires everywhere.

  4. Never cry over spilled ink.

  5. When what you’re doing is of no use, make that the point and never look back.

  6. Three things will happen to every leader: someone will love you, someone will hate you, and someone will replace you.

  7. A solid foundation calls for––at least––one proper meltdown.

  8. The best way to keep a secret is not to tell it, and the best kept secret is an unanswerable question.

  9. Life is like a ladder. To rise up, we reach up. To reach up, we step up. Again and again.


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